Water Dress

Do you want it with bubbles or without?

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For the new Mattoni mineral water campaign, the Italian production company assigned Matthias Zentner from Cow and Boys as a director. The Czech supermodel, Hana Soukupova wears almost nothing, just a water-dress added in the 3d process by Blackmountain and Velvet. The water dress itself was a great challenge since it's the first time in a moving water dress has been created. The main challenge was finding a concept for the dress that gave it both a design and volatile, liquid properties. The research and development department experimented a lot until they had a behaviour that is both naturally fluid and stylized enough to be recognized as a dress worthy top model.

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For the creative process Blackmountain wrote their own fluid simulation force in Maya, and by carefully using particles forces they were able to give them the shape of the dress. The designer then combined several passes of particles in Houdini, created a water surface, and rendered it out of using an animated version of Hana as a holdout for reflections and refractions. The resulting particles were then deformed and transformed into liquid surfaces in Houdini, and rendered in Houdini mantra renderer, using physically based mode. Additional splashed were done in real-flow. In order to get such a perfect adoption to the model, Hana was created as a 3D Bodyscan. In the compositing some real water layers were combined with the artistic 3D water. The shooting was performed on 35mm in 2 long nightshoots in Carlsbad.