Traffic Sign Hack
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Max Cornelisse from Holland is a 24 year old science grad who pokes fun at how insecure some systems are. Translation below.

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“We are stuck in traffic. Of course, didn’t expect anything else. But since that last time, I try to avoid the train. I have here a live connection to the ANWB Traffic Center. This is over an ‘open channel’ And with that I can influence the traffic signs. They are set to 50, but we never reach 50, so I`m going to make it 5 (km/h). People wont like that. So to make them happy, a smiley if that doesn’t cheer them up. - We got out of the car and we are standing at the highway. Here we spotted some matrix signs. I can put more text on these. Yeah yeah yeah, here it comes, here it comes. I think I earned some credits and we are going to do so as follows: “Max is king” “Big traffic jam, Go home!!!!” - It would be awesome if I got my picture on there. Thats me. Is it there? Is it there?”
PS: It's a clever ad for a Dutch IT security company.

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