Today Show 1994 ... What is the Internet?!
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Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric are completely mystified at the terminology of this wacky new Internet fad.
"Can you explain what 'Internet' is?" a much-younger Katie Couric asked Bryant Gumbel in a 1994 episode of the Today Show.

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Definitions: The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries a vast range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web (WWW) and the infrastructure to support electronic mail.
The typographic character @ (called the at sign) is an abbreviation of the accounting term, at the rate of (e.g. "7 widgets @ $2 = $14"). However in recent years its meaning has changed to also mean "at" in the sense of located at, especially in e-mail addresses. On some online forums @ is used to denote a reply; for instance: "@Jane" to respond to a comment Jane made earlier. @ is also used as a prefix to user names (e.g. "@username") on Twitter to denote a link or attribution.
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