Time-Lapse Sky Shows Earth Rotating Instead Of Stars (HD)

The rotation of the Earth from the perspective of the stars.   Footage from the ESO "Very Large Telescope" in the Atacama Desert, Chile (alt. 8,645 ft)

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Watch the original version here.    Credits: Stephane Guisard and Jose Francisco Salgado.    For those wondering about the laser - it is used for "adaptive optics". The laser excites sodium atoms in the atmosphere, which for the purposes of the telescopes acts like a guide star. The system measures the distortion of the sodium atoms by the atmosphere, and uses that information to undo the distortion in the rest of the image, making the images of the VLT in the near-Infra Red up to three times sharper than those of the Hubble Space Telescope.    Music: "Arcadia" by Kevin Macleod.
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