"SYNC" (Short Film Shot On iPhone 4)
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A beautiful love story shot entirely on an iPhone 4.

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Directed by Alberto Corral. With Carolina Loren, Marcos Gonzales, Monica Quintanilla and Pablo F.Eyre.   The film was shot with a crew of 4 people, using an iPhone 4 (not 4S) and a Steadicam Smoothee. "We decided to do it this way to prove that what's important is the story, not the camera or the gear. The quality is surprisingly good and it's not the 4s!"

Exclusive Flixxy interview with the Filmmaker: - How did the idea for the film come about? I wanted to shoot something with the iPhone for a long time. To focus on the story. I didn't want to deal with gear and big cameras because I'm not very technical. So I started to think ideas that I could shoot, with the limitations that I have. I was always fascinated with backwards movement, so I thought it be great to test a "backwards world" with the phone. - Why did you decide to shoot with an iPhone 4? Many reasons. But the main two reasons were that I usually get lost with equipment. I didn't have a big crew (we were 4 people). And I didn't want to worry about the technical part (as I'm not an expert). The other reason is because I didn't want to lose time setting up the scenes. I wanted something fast due to all the locations we had and the short time. - How long did it take to shoot and edit? We shot it in 2 days and the editing maybe 2 weeks. The 2 days shooting were 10-12 hours a day but the editing wasn't full time because it was done in our spare time. -Did you rent a plane for the aerial shots? Actually not. It wasn't specifically for this short. We were on vacation and we took an helicopter tour for fun. We shot everything for fun and for a "maybe we use" kind of thing. But we didn't have anything planned when we shot it. But I'm glad I did. I think it fits. - Was it easy for the main characters to walk backwards and still appear so natural? I think so. They were great and natural. The first shots werent that great (it's actually hard when you do it and try to look natural), but then they got used to it very fast and they did a pretty good job - What is the music? It's "Perpetum Mobile". I thought it was great for the story and it's funny that it has the word "Mobile" in the title ;) - Did you use professional actors? Monica is a professional actress and Marcos is a friend, they both did an amazing job. - Can you tell us about the filming locations? Everything in Los Angeles. You can see Hollywood Boulevard, Pasadena, Glendale, Downtown LA, the building from "Blade Runner" (Bradbury Building), etc... - How big was your budget? It's very low budget, less than $200 and it was only for food and gas - What are your plans for the future? To do more shorts and hopefully a feature film :) - Any advice to budding filmmakers? I'm new to this. I'm learning right now and I make a lot of mistakes. I'm not the right person to give advice but if you want one, the only thing I can say is "start shooting now". It doesn't matter your camera or where you are. Just shoot.  

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