Quiet Supersonic Transport (QSST)
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The Quiet Supersonic Transport (QSST) aims to redefine air travel in the 21st Century.  

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With a range of more than 4,000 miles, QSST will be able to fly at uninterrupted supersonic speeds over land and sea. Up to twelve passengers will be able to travel in large cabin comfort in half the time taken by current aircraft. QSST is the only jet with a patented low "shaped sonic signature" which is over 100 times quieter than the "Concorde" supersonic aircraft. Lockheed expects the boom to be imperceptible -- quieter than a kite flying overhead. SAI plans to build the aircraft by 2014 for about $80 million.

Technology: When an aircraft travels faster than the speed of sound, it creates pressure waves in the air that collide with one another faster than they can dissipate, resulting in a loud crack, or sonic boom. The QSST, though it shares its general shape with the Concorde is less than half the size and uses fine-tuned aerodynamics to control the pressure generated as the plane displaces air at supersonic speeds. With air disturbances along the craft evened out, the QSST generates more shockwaves of smaller magnitude rather than two explosive reports.
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