The Heisenberg Compensator
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The launch of Sun Microsystems "Heisenberg Compensator".

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PS: Not to be confused with the Star Trek "Heisenberg compensator": In the Star Trek universe, the Heisenberg compensators are part of the transporter system. A Star Trek matter transporter is presumed to operate by reading the precise quantum state of every particle making up the person to be transported, breaking down that person from their component matter into energy, "beaming" that energy to the desired location, and recombining this energy back into their component matter according to the information gleaned when the precise quantum state was read. However, in quantum physics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle states (in general terms) that one cannot know the quantum state of a subatomic particle to arbitrary precision. Therefore, matter transportation in this way was believed to be impossible, and this was formalized as the no teleportation theorem.
Thus, the creators of Star Trek created a plot device, the so-called Heisenberg compensators. When asked "How does the Heisenberg compensator work?" by Time magazine, Star Trek technical adviser Michael Okuda responded: "It works very well, thank you." Article: Reconfigure the Modulators!
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