Pumpkin Vampire Kitty
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Beware of 'Pumpkin Vampire Kitty'!

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The cat's real name is 'Jumbo Pillow'. He is feasting on freshly boiled chicken dipped with pure pumpkin.   Because of its high fiber content, Pumpkin is a natural means of treating constipation and diarrhea in dogs, cats, as well as humans. For constipation, the fiber in pumpkin absorbs and keeps water inside the bowel to soften the stool. When there is diarrhea, the fiber in pumpkin absorbs the excess water to help firm up the stool.   *** If treating your pet with pumpkin, please make sure to buy the right canned pumpkin, not the pumpkin filling. If in any doubt, look at the ingredients section on the can. It should list pumpkin as the only ingredient. ***
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