Physics Experiment - The Floating Water Bridge
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A floating water bridge is a natural phenomenon formed when beakers of deionized water exposed to high voltages form an unsupported "liquid bridge" between them. 

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Researchers filled two 100 mL beakers of deionized water to roughly 3 mm below the edge of the beaker, and exposed the water to 15 kV DC with a high-voltage generator. After building up electric charge, the water then spontaneously rose over the glass walls and formed a "water bridge" between them. When one beaker was slowly pushed away from the other, the structure remained. When the voltage is raised to 25kV, the structure has been pulled apart as far as 25mm. Researchers have not yet figured out exactly how this phenomenon occurs, but speculate that the electrostatic charges on the surface of the water cause the water molecules to become highly ordered and form a microstructure that will remain stable. Music: "Blue Ale" by Eloah
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