People Are Awesome 3
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A compilation of awesome people doing the most incredible things.

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Credits: Landscape Volume 2 - Like theres no tomorrow - The Ascent - Blob jump official world record - Crazy close shave pass during wingsuit jump in Norway - Danny MacAskill Way Back Home - Epic trick shot battle dude perfect - Experience zero gravity - Freeskier Phil Meier profile - Gopro HD Hero Best of - Jaxon Wong 2011 sampler - Just jump skydives - Lassi Huskainen angry birds - Mike Wilson 99 foot rope swing quadruple backpflips - Pool skateboarding - Pro riders in action - Reel rock 2010 trailer - Sepaktakraw vigo cup 2011 - Snowscoot euro - Speed flying ultimate rush - Ten high 2011 - The Art of Flight (Snowboarding film trailer) - The HD Hero2 2x as poweful in every way - The water - Winter X games 15 Torsten Hogmo triple - Worlds widest slip and slide   Musik: Hans Zimmer - Final Charge
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