How To Park Your Car In A Narrow Garage
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Eugene (59) parks his car in a narrow garage (1.2 inches to spare on each side). Wait till you see how he gets out of the car. Translation below.

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"Well, first I have to move my bike outside, otherwise I cannot get in. My car is 1 meter and 49 centimetres wide. And there, inside, its 1 meter 55. So I have 6 centimetres to spare, 3 centimetres this side and 3 centimetres on the other side." -- "Here on the side, I put up some little sponges to prevent me driving into the wall, because I only have that much (shows 3 centimetres) left. I do not want to drive into the wall. Thats why I put it up there, and also on the other side." -- "Well, now I am going to drive it inside." (starts car, bends the mirror inwards)" -- "Now I open this door to be able to open car door by pushing it in there. Then I have to drive backwards and then I can get out. You see, I stop the engine, I get out and then push the car forwards so it is inside (the garage). I push it forwards to where it belongs. Now the car is in its place. I close the car door, I close this door too and then I put my two chairs in front of it and everything is back in its place. See!"
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