Most Amazing Places On Our Planet
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You are invited to a virtual trip to the most amazing places on our planet.

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This is long but well worth the experience.  Stunning visuals of the most amazing places your eyes can absorb.  After viewing, you understand how important it is to keep our stewardship of the earth to maintain this beauty for posterity.   0:06 Lofoten Islands, Norway | 0:27 Love lake,Dubai | 0:52 Langfossen Waterfall, Norway | 1:05 Pamukkale, Turkey | 1:33 Palawan, Philippine | 2:02 Transfagarasan road, Romania | 2:30 Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States | 2:53 Trolltunga, Norway | 3:13 El Nido, Philippine | 3:37 Ebenalp, Switzerland | 4:14 Clay quarry Sverdlovsk, Russia | 4:42 Zhangjiajie mountains, China | 5:07 Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius | 5:33 Meteora, Greece | 5:57 Aqueduct, Netherlands | 6:37 Porto Moniz, Portugal | 7:02 Zakynthos, Greece | 7:21 Salar de Uyuni salt flat, Bolivia | 7:52 Siargao island, Philippine | 8:10 Cappadocia, Turkey | 8:43 Qinghai salt flat, China | 9:02 Oia, Santorini, Greece | 9:27 Cetina river spring, Croatia | 10:03 Halong Bay, Vietnam | 10:30 Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece | 10:45 Hotel in Adjara, Georgia | 11:14 Bacalar Lagoon, Mexico | 11:40 Waterfall, Iceland.
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