Miracle on the Hudson River
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(No audio) This is the astonishing footage of the landing on the Hudson river. We also see the passengers standing on the wings of the plane after the US Airways Flight had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson river.

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US Airways Flight 1549's emergency landing on the Hudson had to be one of the most extraordinary accident sites in the history of aviation: The Hudson River, which slices through a famously-congested chunk of real estate, suddenly transformed into a runway paved with water. What's even more extraordinary is that this time, instead of only looking at what went wrong, air accident investigators will also be studying what went right. Because plenty did, beginning with the pilot's actions. 'Pilots around the world were cheering for this guy because we all know what it took to do what he did,' says Tom Casey, a former pilot for American Airlines about US Airways pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger III.
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