Magic Mirror
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The restroom on the other side is exactly the same, but build in "mirror image". The young lady is not alone - on the other side of the glass is her twin sister.

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TRANSLATION: Commentator: "A toilet washroom, with a basin, a mirror, and a woman, who is putting up some make-up. But the mirror is no mirror, it's a glass panel. Behind it - the same room, but mirrored. And the young woman you are seeing, is actually not a young woman, but a twin pair, with one girl before the glass panel and one behind.

First woman: Oh, it's not a mirror - yes, it is - why can't I see me? *laugh*
Twin Girl: It's not my fault
First woman: That's strange - Can you see me?
Twin Girl: Well, I can see you.
First Woman: I can see you, too, but - that's strange - You can't see yourself though?
Twin Girl: Sure!
First Woman: But, yet I can't see myself.
Twin Girl: Saw too much Dracula?
First Woman: Stand over here, and look, I look there (pretty confused) - I can see myself, but not you. - Now, I see you, but not me
Twin Girl: Well, I can see you
First Woman, Yes, I can see you, too - Well, I wanna know now what that is - I can see also this [pointing at the basin], but - I see - you can't see the hand, just from the front - stand over this side - no, i can't see myself - Well, what is this than? - It's a very strange panel - Well, really, you have to see me, but I don't - Am I suddenly invisible? - whats going on

Twin Girl: Excuse me, what time is it?
Woman 2: Quarter past four
Twin Girl: Thanks
Woman 2: You're welcome
Twin Girl: Do you have a problem?
Woman 2: What a mirror is this?
Twin Girl: Well, I can see you.
Woman 2: I can't myself
Twin Girl: It's not my fault
Woman 2: *laughing* That's weird *to the entering woman* Can you see yourself? *laughing* No, she can't as well

Twin Girl: Excuse me, what time is it?
Man: Around four, short time past four
Twin Girl: Thanks
Man: I don't let the mirror prank me, *mumbling something*
Twin Girl: Do you have a problem
Man: Yes, I can't see myself in the mirror
Twin Girl: It's not my fault
Man: [can't understand because soft spoken]
Twin Girl: Great pick up, really
Man: Hello, sorry, can you see me in the mirror?
Twin Girl: Yes
Man: I can't see me, just can't see me
Twin Girl: Well, perhaps you're a vampire
Man: Don't think so, has to be the mirror somehow

Woman 3: What's that mirror? One can see you, but not me - Can I stand over your side? It's strange, isn't it? That's a thing - You can be seen but not me - not been there before - That's a thing - I'm invisible - not bad
Twin Girl: Can you see yourself?
Woman 3: No - You can see me?
Twin Girl: Yes
Woman 3: I don't see me. *putting the glasses down*
Twin Girl:No, you're gone again
Woman 3 I would like to know how it is when somebody else is coming in, if it is the same *putting the glasses back up*
Twin Girl: Now I see you again
Woman 3: That's a thing, isn't it? I think I'm from a different star, I'm not aware yet, but something isn't right - I don't get that
Twin Girl: Take the glasses down again
Woman: not again?
Twin Girl: I just see the coat now
Woman: Stand over here if here - can't be - something here - never been there before

One woman to the other one: Is she coming back? Because, it's hers, isn't it
Twin girl *reenters* Bye *one twin leaves*
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