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INTERVIEW: Focus on Jorian Ponomareff

Known and recognized as one of the best stunters circuit, Jorian answers our questions and shares with us a few moments of her daily life, punctuated by his passion for two wheels.

Introduce yourself in a few words:
I Jorian Ponomareff it, I practice this sport for 7 years, and it is my life.

Your passion has taken you at what age?
I was 15 and started 16.

How did you get the idea to practice the stunt?
Looking further practice on the Internet, including Rican and some good French.

Since you have been seen in many rallies and events across the world. Tell us about these trips: The atmosphere that prevails? How do you prepare before your passages? ... .... We want details.
This is crazy in this sport is that we all have the same passion, and even if the language barrier is there, no problem of understanding, we become very fast friends, and we regia.
I am preparing for my not especially passages, we must know to empty the mind and is staying the same!

Now let go of dreams us your track record?
I am champion of France 2008.
I finished third in Romania Stunt Ride World Championship and seventh at the German Open.
I have not really won a lot of trophies because it does not interest me no, but my name is more about him, and that, it's nice.

A typical day for you, how it happens?
survey, crafts, answer emails, go stunt, traveling, meeting ...

Well, we now know that you made ??a DVD with director Michael Pollack American.
How was the meeting? It is you who contacted him? What was it with stunter Rican? Is there really a big difference in level with France? ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
No, it's him that I noticed through my videos posted on internet. He spotted me and I was immediately offered the film. A film by Mr. Michael Pollack !!!!! A great director in the small world of stunt. It was a shock ...

Not today it is no longer a huge difference. 2 years in France are beginning to show what we can do and it largely equates Rican.

So I think you looked forward to the release of this DVD. How you see the future?
Yes I expect a lot next to sponsors and then later a second dvd bah, already planned, we will hold it over time.

Future projects?
Travel around the world ... To participate in more competitions than in previous years, and continue to be a maximum pleasure.

If you got other passions / hobbies?
I love video editing, I apply myself a lot of time. I have a very good camera and objectives, a stabilizer and a tripod.
I enjoy as much to film and up to Stunt.

We will go to the interview "cheese or dessert" to learn more about you .
Baggie or Slim? Baggie
Mac or PC? Mac
Sneakers or Sandals? Sneakers
Slip or Trunks? Underwear
Paris or Marseille? Neither one nor the other
Hip Hop or Rock? Rock
PlayStation or Wii? Playstation
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Beer or Champagne? Coca
Lorie and Garou? Garou
Pamela and Monica? Pamela

A word to finish?

I love my life and I hope it will continue. I want to give everything in what I do.
Thank you