Rocketman on Skis
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Troy Hartman explores a new way of "extreme skiing" by strapping on a jet pack and going uphill at 47 mph, while only at half-throttle.

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Q&A with Troy Hartman: Q: What resort? is this? A: Just outside of Mammoth. I wish they would let me on the mountain with this thing! Q: Doesn't the exhaust? get hot on your hind parts? A: The exhaust gets up to 1500 degrees F so I wear heat shield protection under my clothes. But I have permanent burn holes through the bottom of the jacket! Q: If you were to use full throttle, might you end up lifting off the ground a little? If so, I imagine that you might crash if your skis left the surface. A; Full throttle makes you very light but not enough to lift off. It's actually a great system because you can effectively "vector" the thrust by body movement. Notice that for a lot of the video I am standing fairly upright and still getting great power. Lean forward to speed up, stand up to slow down... Q: What fuel does it run on? Is it a large battery? A: Jet-A ... same fuel all jet aircraft use. Battery is the size of a large Snickers candy bar. Q: How's the fuel consumption? :) A: Depends on how you look at it. The way I see it, 2 gallons will get me to the top of a 2000' peak for fresh tracks. So I could make 7 untracked laps for the same price as a typical lift ticket. But to answer your question directly, it equates to about 3 mpg on the flats. That would make me an Eco-Loser. Q: Troy, where did you get the jetpack? Is it avalible to the public? A: Working to make it available to the public, but need to get a solid hold harmless agreement drafted by the lawyers. Q: Which camera did you use? A: Go Pro HD (on ski, pole & snowmobile)
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