EPIC 2015 - The Future of the Internet and the Press
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The movie explores the effects that the convergence of popular News aggregators, such as Google News, with other Web 2.0 technologies like blogging, social networking and user participation may have on journalism and society at large in a hypothesized future.

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EPIC 2015 is a Flash movie by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson released in In January 2005. It is based on a presentation they gave at the Poynter Institute in the spring of 2004. Sloan himself does not believe the future portrayed in the film will actually come to pass, saying that he certainly doesn't believe that Google and Amazon would ever actually merge. He also believes that the New York Times would actually be the last media organization to fold. But he points out that the purpose of the film is not to paint an accurate picture of the future, but rather, to illustrate the fact that the various monopolies of the large media organizations are currently being threatened by many of the new online services.
Definition: Fourth estate 1. the journalistic profession or its members; the press. 2. a group other than the usual powers, as the three estates of France (clergy, nobles, commoners), that wields influence in the politics of a country.
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