Speed Limit 17,500 mph - Tour of International Space Station
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Expedition 20 Flight Engineer Michael Barratt provides a 20-minute tour of the International Space Station. (See below for definitions of acronyms & abreviations)

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PMA - Pressurized Mating Adapter (adapter to interconnect spacecraft and modules with different docking mechanisms)  FGB - Functional Cargo Block (from Russian "Funktsionalno-Gruzovoy Blok")  EVA Extra-vehicular activity  SOAV - Solenoid-Operated Air Valve  KTO - Kontejner Tverdogo Otchoda (Solid Waste Container)  WHC - Waste & Hygiene Compartment TVIS - Treadmill with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization  CWC - Contingency Water Container ARED - Advanced Resistive Exercise Device CTB - Cargo Transfer Bag PFE - Periodic Fitness Evaluation  2JA - STS-127 (ISS assembly flight 2J/A) is the next space shuttle mission to the ISS planed for July 11, 2009   Please send any other definitions you can find to the Flixxy Editor and we will include them.
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