How Much Does The Internet Weigh?
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How heavy is the internet? Information on the internet such as e-mails, documents, video clips, Web pages, are represented in binary digits, 1s and 0s. These digits are mathematical entities, but are embodied and manipulated as voltages in electronic circuits. Therefore, every bit of data must have some mass...

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Summary: The weight of the entire internet, including the energy needed to transfer the data is 50 grams. The weight of the "information only" on the internet is "0.2 millionths of an ounce" or 1/5,000,000 of an ounce.   READ MORE: Weight gained from e-books:   Gadsby:   Flash Memory: Wikipedia   Map of the Internet:   Size of the internet:   Weight of all electrons in motion that make up the internet:   Weight of all information on the internet:   Smallest sand particles:   Music by Jake Chudnow
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