Hologram Driver Assistant
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The first hologram co-driver for your car gives you directions, wakes you if you fall asleep, helps you park and prevents theft.

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FAQ's: How much does it cost? The price of DAConnect will be announced at its official launch on Oct. 13, 2008
How many types of holograms can be projected?
One female and two male figures are available (including the standard security hologram). Holograms reproduce themselves highly accurately. Actually, DAConnect uses "holofims", ie video recordings.
Do the projected holograms also speak other languages?
Currently the holograms communicate in English. In case of accidents with foreign drivers you can use a pre-recorded phrase in one of five languages (Italian, Spanish, French, German and English).
Does DAConnect work even if there is a passenger sitting on the seat on which the hologram is projected? No. Any object between the light beams interrupting the projection of the holographic figure prevents the proper functioning of the system.
Can it be used in a convertible?
No. The projected hologram is visible only under certain lighting conditions inside a passenger compartment.   [DAConnect]
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