Ford Car Door Edge Protector
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With this pop-out door edge protector, car door scratches and dents may soon be a thing of the past.

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Here’s how it works: The spring-loaded protector is mounted on the back edge of each door. When the door is opened, the rubber protector flips into position and covers the door edge. The cover minimizes damage if the door edge hits a wall or barrier, and helps protect body panels of cars parked next to you. When the door is closed, a pushpin in the front edge of the door pulls on an interior cable to retract the edge cover. It was developed by engineers at Ford Europe, where roads are narrow and parking spaces are tight. Ford officials in the United States say they have no plans right now to offer the door protector in the US. But they said they will watch to see how popular it is in Europe and might change their minds later.
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