If Extraterrestrials Are Watching Our TV Signals, This Is What They Are Currently Seeing
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If extraterrestrial civilizations are monitoring our TV broadcasts, then this is what they are currently seeing.

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During the first 4.5 billion years nothing but silence has emanated from our planet on the cosmic radio dial. Then, during the past 100 years Earth started broadcasting radio and TV signals which have leaked off our planet and out into space. If there is an advanced civilization within 100 light years of Earth (as the radio and TV waves travel at the speed of light) listening for messages, they could hear our first broadcasts. They might think we are still in World War 1 or 2. It makes you wonder what impression this would give them of our race. If they were on the ball and sent out a reply to us, depending on their distance from us, it would take up to 100 years for their reply to reach us.     Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
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