Driscoll Middle School Trick Play
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A smart offensive trick of the American Football team of the Driscoll Middle School from San Antonio, Texas.
Quarterback Jason Garza literally walked through the defense like the game was stopped for a second, but the referee didn’t stop the game. When Jason passed the first defensive line of Wynn Sealle he began to run and scored a touchdown by a lag of 6-0.

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A trick play is a play in American football that uses deception and unorthodox strategies to fool the opposing team. A trick play is often risky, offering the potential for a large gain or a touchdown if it is successful, but with the chance of a significant loss of yards or a turnover if not. Trick plays are rarely used not only because of the riskiness, but to also maintain the element of surprise for when they are used. Trick plays take advantage of the fact that nearly all American football plays are either a pass from the quarterback or a run by the halfback. As a result, defenses will think 'pass' when the quarterback has the ball and 'run' when the running back has it. Trick plays depart from these expectations, and therefore tend only to work if they are unanticipated.
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