Customer Service Comedy
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Probably the most elaborate prank of its kind ever: Mobistar, a phone company notorious for its lousy customer service, and the Belgian TV comedy show 'Basta'.

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The pranksters hid themselves in a steel container, which they had dropped directly in front of the gates of a large Mobistar office at 5 am. The container had a prominent customer service number printed on the side of it, which rang the pranksters inside the container.
A Mobistar employee promptly called and who wanted the container moved off before 2,000 Mobistar employees reported for work and found their entrance blocked. The pranksters proceed to put the Mobistar employee through a comedic phone hell, disconnecting him, subjecting him to music on hold (performed live from within the container) - all in a re-enactment of a typical, awful phone company customer service experience. Watch it all the way through for the final punchline.
Mobistar commented after the broadcast that their call center problems had been temporary, and that more people had since been hired to shorten wait times.   Brilliant choice for 'On hold' song: "Hello, is it me you're looking for?" by Lionel Richie.
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