Cube Eco Home
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A tour of the 'Cube', a 10x10x10 foot eco-home in which one person can live with a minimum impact on the environment. The Cube is designed to generate at least as much energy as it uses. It does this by using solar photovoltaic panels that are integral to the building itself.

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Constructed from a variety of sustainable materials, the Cube provides everything that a single person (or two friendly people) might need. Within its 950 cubic feet (27 m3) it includes a lounge, with a table and two custom-made chairs, a small 4 ft wide (120cm) double bed , a full-size shower, a kitchen (with energy-efficient fridge, induction hob, re-circulating cooker hood, sink/drainer, combination microwave oven and storage cupboards), a washing machine, and a composting toilet. If registered with the UK Government's Feed-In Tariff (FiT ' an incentive for producing energy from renewable sources), the Cube will raise around ??1000 per year in FiT income. The only connections it requires are a connection to the electrical grid, and a cold-water supply. No mains drainage is required: waste is either composted, or processed on site.
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