Crow And Dog Play Ball
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Crow and dog are best friends and even play ball together.

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As told by Reinhard from Southern Germany, who uploaded the video: "Found him near the woods, 3 or 4 weeks old ... brought him home and asked the dog, if he can stay...(the dog said YES...) ;-)
"I gave him food, and taught him to fly...he was free and wild, but best friend to my dog and me. All the neighbors loved him, wenn he cam to their breakfast, asking for a piece of bread or cheese."
Q: How did you teach it to fly? A: "I was throwing him very carfully in the air, at the begining just 50 cm high, then a little bit more and more. Helped him to get the muscles stronger, wenn he was sitting on my hand, I was putting my hand up and down, so he had to flap its wings and after a while, he started doing that by himself. One evening he started from a little tree and was gone....but next morning he was standing at the corner from my garden...hungry .. ;-)
Q: Do you clip his wings at all or does he just never fly away? "I didn´t cut his wings ... I taught him to fly .... He was completely free....sometimes we didn`t see him for days, then he was with us all the day .. sometimes the neighbors told me little stories about a stolen brush." ;-)
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