Cassini Mission
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Amazing footage from Cassini–Huygens, a joint NASA/ESA/ASI spacecraft mission studying the planet Saturn and its many natural satellites since 2004. Launched in 1997, it includes a Saturn orbiter and an atmospheric probe/lander for the moon Titan. The Titan probe — Huygens, entered and landed on the moon in 2005.

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Explanation: Vertical line is Saturn's thin rings seen nearly edge-on (00:07) - Some of Saturn's moon shoot past - Saturn's unusually wavy F-ring (00:11) that is constrained by the two shepherd moons that are also continually perturbing it - Much of Saturn's extensive ring system flashes by - Cloud patterns on Titan (00:39) and Saturn (00:41) - Clips from flyby's of several of Saturn's moons (Phoebe, Mimas, Epimetheus, Iapetus) - Moons of Saturn appear to pass each other as they orbit Saturn - Background star fields seen by Cassini are sometimes intruded upon by bright passing moons.
Shot by Cassini Spacecraft, NASA.    A Short Film by Chris Abbas.    Music: 2 Ghosts I by Nine Inch Nails.    Wikipedia
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