How To Change Your Car Tires While Driving
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How to change your car tires when you're in a hurry.

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Technical details: Note that BOTH wheels in the air are stopped. Not even rolling a little.    This driving technique is the same for either drive type. You cannot do this in a vehicle with ABS brakes without disabling the ABS system. You downshift before getting off the ground and once you're up on two wheels, lightly apply the brakes with your left foot while maintaining throttle with your right. As the drive wheel in the air slows to a stop, the engine speed will be reduced to half it's speed prior to applying the brakes. The torque required to maintain the speed will double. More on this later (basically, you're spinning the diff's center instead of the outboard wheel).    Once you are close to the balance point, modulating the brakes is also how you adjust the cant of the vehicle without changing the direction of travel. The center of gravity is out of line with the roll center, so diving/squatting is translated along the roll axis where the vehicle's motion is unconstrained. The engine easily overcomes the braking resistance of the wheels in contact with the ground, but not the wheel that is in the air (because there is less resistance in spinning the diff center - path of least resistance). An open differential or locker is what you'd want to do this with. Doing it with a posi/LSD type differential will mean you are using engine torque to heat both the LSD clutch plates and the inboard brakes while maintaining speed. An open center has very little resistence once it's warmed up. An LSD - not so much. The differential's center will spin at 1/2 axle speed halving the RPM required from the transmission tailshaft for the particular vehicle speed. This is the reason for downshifting first and why you will feel like you "loose power"   Source: reddit    Music: "Gently" and "I'm Gonna Go" by Dan-O
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