Bungee Jumping In A Car Off A Dam - Top Gear
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Freddie Flintoff straps himself into a Rover Metro to bungee jump a 540 ft drop from the Luzzone dam in Ticino, Switzerland.

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The Luzzone Dam, located in Ticino, Switzerland, has the world’s highest climbing wall, covering a vertical distance of 165 metres.  Taking into account the weight of Fred, the car and the forces on the crane, the engineers worked to a maximum bungee weight of 16 tonnes.  There were five ropes attached to the car but in reality they could have gotten away with two.  Each rope measured 30 metres, was able to extend five times its length, and were specially made for the film - they took six weeks to be hand woven.  The maximum g-force expected to be endured by Fred was up to 7G.  That’s somewhere in between a Formula 1 car during heavy braking (6G) and Apollo 16 re-entry (over 7G).  The whole project took eight months to plan and execute.
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