B2 Stealth Bomber $1.4 Billion Error
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How to destroy $1.4 billion in a matter of seconds: 1. Airspeed sensors were getting wet and needed to be dried. 2. Some clever people figured out you could get these sensors to dry by turning on their heaters. 3. Some not so clever people forgot to add step #2 to standard operating procedure. 4. The pilots didn't know (1-3) and tried to take off. 5. The computer on board the B-2, which actually flies the plane, was fed bad data from #1, resulting in a crash. 6. Since the stick of the B-2 is just a fancy joy stick that wasn't connected to any flight surface, there was nothing the pilots could do, except eject. The pilot received only minor injuries, and the co-pilot received a spinal compression fracture during ejection.

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This footage of Feb 23, 2008 from Anderson Air Force Base in Guam was released in June 2008.
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