Alternative Energy Research: Salt Water As Fuel
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John Kanzius discovered that his radio frequency generator could release oxygen and hydrogen
from saltwater and create an incredibly intense flame.  

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He placed a test tube filled with ordinary salt water into a radio-wave generator, blasting the salt water with 200 watts' of directed radio waves. Within seconds, a blue flame erupted from the top of the test tube. It then turned bright white like a blowtorch's flame and burned for several minutes at about 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,600 Celsius), the melting point of Titanium. Note: Kanzius admitted that this process could not be considered an energy source, as more energy is used to produce the RF signal than can be obtained from the burning gas and stated in 2007 that he never claimed his discovery would replace oil, asserting only that his discovery was thought provoking. Articles: Wikipedia   Howstuffworks
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