Aerocar - Flying Car (1949)
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A newsreel about the Aerocar, a "roadable" aircraft, designed and built in 1949. It is the most successful and probably the most famous "flying car" design to date. Here is another more detailed Aerocar video (in color).  

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Aerocars can drive up to 60 miles per hour and have a top airspeed of 110 miles per hour. The Aerocar is a two-place aircraft with side-by-side seating, four wheels, high, unobtrusive wings, and a single Lycoming 0-320 engine mounted over the rear wheels. Conversion from air to road could be achieved by one person in five minutes. The detached aircraft components can be towed behind the car in folding wheels fitted to the wing roots. Civil certification was gained in 1956, but only six examples were built, with one still flying as of 2006. It initially sold for $25,000. The six Aerocars so far built accumulated over 200,000 road miles and 5,000 flight hours.
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